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The Political Arrests

Despite a prior agreement between her counsel and Attorney General Foti that she would be allowed the dignity of a self-surrender should an arrest be a reality, Dr. Pou was arrested and handcuffed at her home after a long day of surgery at a Baton Rouge Hospital.

The day after her arrest, Foti held a widely-publicized press conference where he declared that Dr. Pou and the two nurses “pretended they were God” and gave “lethal cocktail” injections of morphine and Versed to at least four patients at Memorial Hospital. While the Foti prosecution team members who lied to the defense about Dr. Pou's imminent arrest, and through whose eyes the latter part of Fink's book is told, now disavow the circus arrest, both Butch Schaefer and Virginia Rider stood beside Foti at this press conference. Two days after the arrest, Foti, who was running for re-election, held a political fundraiser at a premier hotel in New Orleans.


Dr. Anna Pou, Nurse Lori Budo, Nurse Cheri Landry
All arrested on July 17th, 2006

Two days after the press conference of July 18th 2006, Foti's Fundraiser


In July 2007 the matter was presented to a New Orleans Grand Jury which rendered a “No True Bill” as to the nine counts of murder against Dr. Pou. Foti, still refused to accept this result, and released to the public his expert reports, but failed to disclose Dr. Karch’s opinion, which the Grand Jury obviously found credible. (Read More About Foti's Investigation)

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