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I have read the comments Ms. Sheri Fink made in her book about my husband’s deformities and the grotesque description of him as a “bionic man”.  I felt angry and exploited by Ms. Fink and never would have participated in such a interview if I had known her true intentions to in any way put Dr. Pou in an unfavorable light.  

I was with my husband James at the hospital on the weekend before Dr. Pou’s arrest and on July 17, 2006, the night the news of her arrest was shown on television.  The news of the arrest caused quite a stir at the hospital since Dr. Pou had been treating James that day.  The hospital staff and I made an effort to keep James from hearing the news of her arrest.  He was aware that there was a stir of activity at the hospital, but was not sure what was happening.  

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Pou called us, and said that based upon her arrest that Dr. Dan Nuss would have to be the primary physician for future care but she would stay involved as best she could under the circumstances.

We could not believe the charges against Dr. Pou based on her kind treatment and care of James during his illness.  During the next year, we followed the news events surrounding the investigation with great concern.  

In June 2007, James’ condition became worse, and he was sent home with hospice.

During this time, Ms. Fink showed up at our residence unannounced, and said that she had gotten our address and information from Dr. Pou.  Dr. Pou later told me she had not done so.  Ms. Fink said she was a supporter of Dr. Pou, and that she was doing a news piece on Dr. Pou’s compassionate care for patients and asked for our help.  Ms. Fink brought with her a tape recorder and a camera.  While Ms. Fink came into the living room area for an interview with me, she was never allowed to visit my husband in the bedroom.  Ms. Fink asked to talk with James, and also to take a photograph of him.  I told her I would never allow him to be interviewed because of his deteriorating condition, and he was very self-conscious about his deformed figure and no photos would be taken.  She recorded the interview with me and I told her of the compassionate care by Dr. Pou during James’ illness.  I did allow a photo of my daughter and I to be taken in the front of the house.  Later, Ms. Fink sent me a copy of the photo.  

On July 24, 2007 the day the Grand Jury returned a “No True Bill”, James and I greeted the news with great joy.  Dr. Pou made a personal call to us after receiving the news of the Grand Jury’s action.  I held the phone up to James’ ear for him to hear the news directly from Dr. Pou.  Although he was struggling at the time, he was glad to hear that his doctor had been cleared of the charges.  For the next two days his condition deteriorated and he died on July 26, 2007.

My husband loved Dr. Pou until his dying breath.  It was as if he had hung on for one  year to hear the news that she was cleared before he passed.  Dr. Pou can treat me and any of family members at any time.

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