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Sheri Fink - Unscrupulous Journalist

What kind of journalist contributes to a fundraiser to obtain access to family, friends and supporters of a person who has rejected that journalists' offer to write a book?

Ms. Fink attempts to defend her ethics in purchasing a $250 ticket to Dr. Pou's fundraiser by stating that she "paid for my own meal in accordance with journalism ethics" (see footnote 18, chapter 3). Funds are not raised by merely charging the nominal cost of the meal. The TRUTH is that Fink bought her ticket, for far more than the cost of the meal, in order to masquerade as Dr. Pou's supporter, when her true intentions were to gain access and to interview and harass Dr. Pou's family, friends, and supporters in order to gather material for her novel. This footnote justification is another example of revisionist history by Fink.

Unscrupulous journalist? You decide.

 A rally in support of Dr. Pou, attended by over 1000 people and organized by the local religious community.

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