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Five Days at Memorial
by Sheri Fink

Generally when authors write about real events but interject supposition, excessive inferences or imaginary conversations between characters, the authors righty classify their work as "realistic fiction". Sheri Fink, the author of Five Days at Memorial chose not to do that. She chose to label this novel as "non-fiction". THE TRUTH is that patients did lose their lives at Memorial during those long hot days and nights without power and running water.

THE TRUTH is that everyone at Memorial was the victim not only of the levee breaches but also of poor planning by corporate and government officials. In Five Days at Memorial, Sheri Fink uses uncorroborated (often contested) statements, facts presented out of context and unrelated inflammatory statements to convince readers that Dr. Anna Pou, other doctors and medical staff euthanized patients at Memorial Medical Center during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Fortunately, THE TRUTH also is that the doctors and staff at Memorial did their best to keep all the patients as comfortable as possible and to evacuate them as safely as possible.

The purpose of this website is to pay tribute to the scores of medical professionals who stayed in the trenches at Memorial and served people in need who were abandoned by the government at all levels and by the healthcare corporation bureaucrats who had no plan and little fortitude for doing what was needed to save the lives of those entrusted to their corporate care. See more complete account of what really happened at Memorial. It is also to inform readers about Ms. Fink's deceptive writing techniques so the readers can draw their own conclusions about whether this book should be shelved among the novels or among non-fiction books. (See Fink's Fallacies)

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